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NOTE: The Copyright Public Notice is but one of three documents provided as a service by this site.

To get up to speed, please read the information here on the 3 Step Process 3 Steps -CLICK HERE.

A historical overview can be found here "UCC History" and take special note of the items in red in regard tonew definitions of the creditor/debtor relationship-click here. This is extremely important depending on what state you live in as you may falsely believe you are protected.

Check the "USE Policy" of this site in regard to terms and conditions and pricing.

Brief summary: The Copyright public Notice officially establishes lawful title regarding the ALL-CAPS TRADE NAME under common law and sets forth the terms of the consensual contract for its unauthorized use. The Uniform Commercial Code “UCC” in the United States and the Personal Property Securities Act "PPSA" in Canada is what is used to give credibility to the terms of this self executing contract.

Note: For Pricing See "Use Policy"

To Start the process:

1. PAYMENT Payment can be made here. Payment

2. FILL in your information below: Note: Form may not work on a mobile device- alternatively use a computer or screen capture and email to

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Fill in your contact information below carefully as the information is critical in double checking your posting. Note if you are doing the Security Agreement along with the commonlaw copyright public notice - just fill in the SA form as it is more comphrehensive.

To send aditional info or to just ask a question there is no need to fill all the blanks just use what is applicable and or use the box at the bottom of this form - you will then need to fill in the first three blanks below for the form to work.

SA = Security Agreement
UCC1 = Universal Commercial Code Filing Form 1
NA = non applicable or don't have

This is a viable alternative to posting public notices in your local newspaper which with full text can be cost prohibitive. If you wish to get the best of both worlds simply post a small print ad making direct link to your unique Internet posted address copyright-name [see sample]

Hitting submit will bring you to the payment page if your submission was successful. Use the box aove if you wish to ask questions just make sure you put a minimum of your name and  email address for the form to function. Thanks.

If you are not contacted within 48 hours email me direct at If you question the validity of the copyright notice then why did this famous person post his in 1964

FYI Re: UCC Filings & PPSA additional information

In addition to your controlling the use of your name by making a public posting here, you may wish also to do a UCC-1 filing and if you are in Canada you may wish to file a PPSA as well and samples will be provided for you to follow. It should be noted that the UCC1 has provision in it to cover virtually all countries in the world - there may be some exceptions but I am not aware of them.

Please note if you filed a UCC1 in the past it may no longer be valid as provisions have changed. Read below:

US & CANADA: Debtor-Creditor definitions in section 9 of the PPSA following new definitions in the UCC in the US are now allowing banks to use your assets as collateral for all credit card agreements, loans and mortgages. They may no longer have to go to the courts to get direct access to your property if you default in payment. This makes this process even more important - you definitely want to be the first creditor in line to your strawman. You should also be aware that there are rumors that new UCC filings will more difficult to achieve in the near future.

Furthermore new trust legislation in UTC states mean your assets cannot be protected with State Trusts and that many family trusts are in serious jeopardy. Read more here.

If you need assistance in the UCC filing and/or the PPSA getting the proper paperwork etc. feel free to ask questions by email directly. Hopefully this is helpful.

NOTE: If you are use FireFox as an Browser you will likely get a Security Warning asking you if your information is being sent over an unencrypted connection if you are sure you want to continue sending your information. What that is referring to is your connection to your internet router in your home if it is wireless it is possible the signal can be intercepted but that would be the case every second you are on the internet. Mozilla Firefox could of worded it better. The information sent from this site and this form is encrypted and sent encrypted for your protection.